Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some local fun!!

Calling all local Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada readers and supporters of Joyful Earth! I had a thought today as I drove past my favorite coffee shop (Roca House off Rochdale Blvd.). I contemplated running in for a cup of coffee before I headed into work, but decided against it because I had not brought along my latest creation - a coffee cup cozy!

The first Joyful Earth coffee cup cozies were made as teachers gifts this past holiday season, and I figured I'd keep making them for the Etsy cart! They are a unique way to reduce a bit of waste, keep your hands cool and your coffee or tea hot.

So - as all of my thoughts go - I imagined the entire scene from start to finish! I imagined how I'd order my coffee with extra room for cream and then pull out my sweet little cozy hoping the Barista would notice and make a comment. It would be at that moment, that I would slyly tell her about my little Etsy store and pull out a business card. Of course, this leads me to thinking how fun it would be if the coffee cup cozy became a mainstay in Regina coffee shops! Kind of like a given, you pull up to Tims, you pull out your cozy and they dont need to give you the double cup! Genius!!

How can this work? A giveaway of course! I'm going to give the first FIVE local peeps, who post a comment telling me about their FAVORITE local coffee house in Regina, a FREE coffee cup cozy (and a nice big pile of business cards to go with it!).

If you happen to miss out on the five free cozies... keep checking my Etsy store for more cozies stocking regularly. If you prefer a cozy of the knit variety - then you must go visit Rachel at Threebees Knits!

Together - we'll spread the earth loving, style loving, cool hands, warm coffee phenomena!


  1. That's easy! You names it in your blog......Rocahouse on Rochdale!!!!!! Great coffee and even better peeps!!
    I am so happy someone in Regina is finally making these I have had mine for over 5 years now and get asked about them all the time! Plus I am sure you have way nicer patterns then the one's I got so long ago.

  2. I'm game :).

    My favorite place close to my house is Java Express on South Albert. The staff is so nice, the tea is good quality, and the scones are TDF. Plus, it is a quick little walk for me and a mama friend of mine :)

  3. I recently discovered Roca House too! Great place! My favorite spot is Second Cup on rochdale. I love their green tea lattes!

  4. Thank you for the shout-out my dear! <3

  5. No prob Rachel! couldnt post about coffee cup cozies without mentioning the Java Jumpers!

  6. Well 5 comments have been posted but I have to agree that my favourite place is also Roca House! I really hope they open one in the East end too. Have you had their Club panini? to die for! Something about the mustard in there. I love it. And the Strawberry tea latte (I never remember the correct name): it's my favourite drink! Now I'm craving this! thanks Robin! ;-)