Monday, January 18, 2010

monday news

Quick update on all things joyful earth!

The feedback is coming in from the joyful earth multi sized snap free diaper testers - and so far the word on the street is that these diapers rock! I'm expecting production to begin early to mid February with diapers available around Valentines Day.

Many of you know that my formative WAHM years were spent sewing diapers under the name tush cloth diapers. The joyful earth diaper has been patterned after the tush diapers, which was well known for its trim/yet provides adequate coverage fit. The concept behind the JE diapers is to create a product that fits our mantra of making affordable, practical and sustainable items for your family.

Continue to watch the blog as we update progress on this exciting new product.

Another new product in the works is wool dryer balls. These wool balls work just like the plastic or PVC ones available in stores, but they are made from wool which is a sustainable/eco friendly fibre. Safe for you, your children, your pets and our planet.

It may be a well kept secret that joyful earth is actually a two WAHM operation. While I tend to keep the online presence hopping - behind the scenes my business partner Rebecca has not only been a wonderful sounding board for ideas, she has also been the impetus for some of our most popular items, namely our sandwich/snack bags. Rebecca is a very busy homeschooling mom of three, and so her participation in joyful earth has been limited to this point.

Which brings me back to the dryer balls! Rebecca's talent lies in the creation of her felted wool items. She makes beautiful felted wool crowns, funky wet felted handbags and tea cozies, and stunning wall art. I'm so excited that Rebecca has agreed to make a few wool dryer balls for our online stores - watch for them soon!

In other product news, keep an eye out for ORGANIC reusable muslin tea bags and muslin produce bags - I expect they will start to show up in the online stores early to mid February. These products are very popular and I expect we'll be selling out quickly!

Eco tea wallets and tea on the go sets in the works for this week! Stocking will be ongoing at Etsy all week and on Thursday in the Joyful Earth Hyena Cart. Thursday's blog will contain more detail on what is stocking where!

Have a joy filled week!


  1. If these diapers are snap free than what are youu using for a fastener?

  2. Pam - they can be fastened with a single pin, two pins or a snappi (the snappi does work well with knit fabrics or a french terry) but it can be hard on the knits... alternatively, a nice fitting snug touch tape cover would work wonderfully - like a wonder wrap.

    No snaps or velcro makes the fit truly customizable and allows the diaper to be a genuine one size fits all.