Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, when are they coming to get that tree?

Its still sitting there, waiting....

For local Tuesday this week - I thought I'd check out the City of Regina website to find out when I can expect our Christmas tree to be hauled away to be made into garden mulch.

Pick up started on January 11th, and the following is cut and pasted directly from the city's webpage regarding their Tinsel Mulch Christmas tree program:

City of Regina crews will begin to pick up thousands of discarded Christmas trees for recycling beginning January 11. The Christmas trees are and turned into garden mulch and offered to Regina homeowners each spring and fall. Mulching helps preserve soil moisture, reduces weed growth and returns organic matter to the soil.

Follow these tips to have your tree picked up for recycling:

· Put your tree in your regular pickup location before January 11

· Remove all decorations and the plastic tree bag

· Do not put your tree in the garbage bin or lean it against the bin

· Keep snow from covering your tree

· Christmas tree collection is separate from your regular weekly solid waste collection

· If your tree is missed, crews will not return for pickup – drop it off at the landfill

If you would like more information on the Tinsel Mulch Christmas tree recycling program or any other City of Regina Waste Minimization programs, visit regina.ca

or call 777-7000.

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