Saturday, March 6, 2010

So, how much protein/fat/carbs do I need?

One of the first questions I am asked when someone I know is going to attempt the Primal Blueprint diet is what on earth should I be eating? Sometimes knowing just how many carbohydrates are suggested, how much fat to eat and how much protein to eat can be a bit confusing. I had these same questions, and asked for advice from the person who originally introduced me to Primal eating. I've since put all of the steps into an email that I send out on a pretty regular basis.

Without further ado - the "What on Earth should I be eating?" email. With a disclaimer... I am NOT a nutritionist, I am not a Primal Blueprint specialist... this is just what I've surmised/learned over the past six months and it is what has worked for me. I think that each person needs to sit down, figure out what their goals are, what their own lifestyle will permit and create their own plans from there. Consider this a jumping point:

First, go to this site to figure out your Basal Metabolic Rate:

then click on the link below that says "Harris Benedict Equation" - that will let you know how many calories per day you need based on your activity level.

To figure out the amount of protein you need, you need to figure out your body fat composition. I used this calculator, its not as accurate as a caliper test but it gives you a general idea:

You need .7 grams of protein per lb of lean body mass per day. This will help you to maintain your lean mass - the key to health according to the Primal Blueprint! The rest of your diet should be primarily fats (healthy fats like nuts, coconut and olive oils (no vegetable oil!!), avocado, meat, butter, cheese) and then the only carbs from vegetables and some fruit, mostly berries.

To get an idea of how you are doing with total calories/carbs/fat/protein - you can track your eating for a day or two on fit day. Its too much work to do this regularly - but I did it for the first few days and would probably do it again once a month to make sure my #'s are still in check.

Here are some interesting links from Marks Daily Apple:

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