Saturday, March 20, 2010

snack bag redux

I've been sewing snack bags this weekend. Happy to report they've had a slight makeover and have been turned inside out! Funny thing is, they still look like they are inside out to me. I thought it would be more fun to have the print on the outside.

The inner is a nylon lining, not water proof but water resistant - enough to keep your food fresh and to ensure ease of cleaning! As always, Joyful Earth snack bags are closed with a snap closure. I prefer snaps for many reasons: they are easy to clean and keep clean, they are durable and long lasting, and the double fold keeps your food nice and fresh.

I've also added a smaller size for smaller snacks like pretzels, nuts or cookies. The larger size still has two size settings but the smaller size only has one setting.

You'll find some snack bags this week when I guest stock at the Alchemy congo on Hyena Cart. There will also be a few up for grabs at Lily Pad Landing on Thursday night.

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