Saturday, February 27, 2010

Primal Grocery List

Today is shopping day! Here is my primal list....

pork chops (try to find a good pastured source)
ground beef (grass fed)
chicken breast (again, pastured is best but I buy Costco frozen in the interest of being economical, this is a staple meal for us)
sausage (gluten free a must, nitrate free a bonus)
tuna (eat in limited amounts due to mercury content but great on salads)
cubed squash
organic chicken stock (making squash soup)
cheddar cheese
butter (a staple)
cottage cheese (great with berries and nuts for breakfast)
almonds (snacking, salads)
red pepper
feta cheese (greek salad, omelette, frittata)
baby tomatoes
spinach (salad and smoothies)
bacon (breakfast, salads)
olive oil
balsamic vinegar (salad dressing)
coconut oil (a staple)
mayonnaise (you could make your own, but I'm lazy)
snap peas (for snacking)
carrots (for snacking)
frozen berries (mmmm... on almond meal pancakes with whipped cream, smoothies)
almond milk (smoothies)
almond meal (baking)
eggs (a must have staple, get pastured eggs - even at $4 a dozen they are great value)
whipping cream (satisfy that sweet tooth with berries and whipped cream)
fresh berries in season
1/2 and 1/2 cream (for coffee and matcha green tea)
plain full fat yogurt (for smoothies and dips)
salad greens (lunch,

Have anything to add? Don't forget your Joyful Earth produce bags!

Tomorrow look for my menu plan for the next week.

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