Friday, February 26, 2010

living a joyful life

Last summer I was introduced to the Primal Blueprint fitness and nutrition plan via the blog Marks Daily Apple. I had long been a follower of traditional foods/nutrition and the Primal Blueprint really spoke to me, it was MORE traditional than traditional! Think Paleolithic nutrition.. think GROK.

So - I started and it went amazingly well. I lost weight, I felt amazing, I even managed to lose that foggy mommy brain I had been battling for the last seven years. Then Halloween came, and the ugly sugar addiction reared itself again. Followed closely by Christmas and all those comfort foods that come with a cold Canadian winter.

Needless to say - I fell off the wagon a bit. But, I know I feel best when I cut the carbs (especially grains, my poor skin and gluten do not mix), and eat lots of grain fed protein (beef, chicken, pork, eggs & meat) and ensure I'm getting lots of good healthy fats like nuts, coconut oil, olive oil (the list goes on). Oh and we can't forget whipping cream (best when its raw!) and fair trade organic dark chocolate.

So, starting March 1st, I'm back on the Primal wagon. I'm going to be updating here, on facebook and wherever else I can keep myself accountable. I'd also encourage blog readers, facebook fans, friends and the like to join me for this 30 day challenge. And who better to explain what the 30 day challenge is than Mark Sisson himself. Post to the comments if you are "in" and what you'd like to see blogged about as the Primal 30 day challenge, Joyful Earth style, begins! (I'm thinking a blog about being ecologically responsible meat eaters is a start... might have to enlist some help with that one!)

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